Poker Betting Structure

For you to fully understand any game of Poker whether it is played online of or offline it is very important to understand all of the betting structures that come into play on all the many different Poker variants and in the section of our website we will present them all to you to help you get to grips with all of the wagering requirements.

Fixed Limit - Should you opt to play in a Fixed Limit Poker game then both the bet plus the raise amount for every betting round will be preset by the Poker Room you are playing at.

So in a $5/$10 Fixed game this will mean that both the bet and the raise amounts that are in force in the first two rounds of the game must be $5 in total, then at the last two rounds the bet and raise amount will be$10.

Pot Limit - A Pot Limit game will require that the maximum bet or raise cannot be higher than the amount of money that is in the Pot. So if the pot has $1000 in it then you cannot bet more than this $1000.

No Limit - This is a much more scary game to play and No Limit Poker means that there are never any limits to how much you can bet in any round of betting, you can put into the pot as many chips as you currently have in your possesion!

Stakes - Should you be playing a Fixed Limit game the stakes will always be dictated by the bet and raise amount for each round.

Cap - Should you be sat at a Fixed Limit game, then each round of betting will have a bet that consists of a maximum number of raises which is three, this is known as the Cap. So if a bet has been placed by an opponent then it can only ever be raised three times, after all of these three raises all of your opponents and yourself have to either call or fold their hand except when only two players are left in a game, in such circumstances the Cap is increased to five.

Blinds - This type of wager is a must place wager that two players must place to start a game, before any cards are dealt.

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